Hello, my name is Jarrod Herrington and I am currently a student at Full Sail University studying Video Game Design. There are several classes that I have taken, but I found that the area I wanted to focus on is writing and storytelling. When I was younger I used to read… a lot. I remember that there were times in which I would stay up all night reading a book. I had written short stories before in school and for my own purposes.

I have started this site as a way for me to share what I have written. There will be some things from school first, mostly assignment things. Later I will be entering a story that I am currently writing as a gift to the game developer Bungie, and it takes place in their Destiny universe. Once the story is finished I will be sending it off to Bungie, to include my notes, and if need be I will have to remove the story. I welcome constructive feedback, I just ask that you don’t be a jerk about it. This is for my professional development as a Narrative Designer and game story writer. Most importantly it is just because I love to tell stories.

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