How I write

First I’d like to share an assignment where I had do look into myself a little bit to explain how I write. Some things have changed; like I develop a bible as I move forward with a story, and using instrumental music to help with inspiration. Well, enough with the introduction here’s the assignment.

              When tasked to write an essay or other form of writing assignment I don’t really have a set process.  Some use outlines to organize their thoughts, while others write in a free-form format.  I myself tend to go with the free-form format unless I’m required to write a research or other form of report.  For those forms   of writing I feel that using an outline to organize my thoughts and the general flow of the assignment works best, other than that, free-form Is the path I take.  I tend to take long pauses to organize my thoughts and to form the paragraph within my mind before putting pencil to paper or fingers to keyboard, and it almost always changes.

            I usually spend a lot of time formulating ideas and thoughts for a writing assignment.  However, I almost always start the body of the assignment during what many people would consider  “crunch time”.  I’ve had many people give me weird looks when I tell them this but, I’ve found that my mind works at a higher rate of speed the more pressure I’m under, which has been a double edged sword for me at times.  I tend to revise as I write to make sure the tone of the piece maintains a conversational tone.  I tend to like telling the reader a story   when writing than to simply write monotone using facts, figures, and a ton of   metaphor.

            When writing a short story I tend to have a lot of detail and a fair amount of descriptive language, almost to the point of being long winded and causing the reader to be overwhelmed with detail.  The conversations between characters are almost always fragmented and have poor grammar almost constantly unless said character is considered  “educated”.  I enjoy writing how ordinary people talk and not how someone who has a large vocabulary would speak.

            In reality the only past experience I’ve had with an English course has been in High School.  While I enjoyed the creative writing aspect of the course, I was never too big on essays and the like because to me they tend to be kind of dry with not a lot of personality.  Creative writing has always been a joy for me to write.  I never got really high marks on the subject because of fragments, run-on’s, and misplaced punctuation, but to me it was like going on a small adventure with the project.

            Because of procrastination, it’s benefits to my writing and it’s hindrances   to getting things done on time without the feeling of being rushed, or giving that feeling to the reader, I don’t really have too many issues when faced with a writing assignment for school.  I would have to say that on thing that I do get bothered with is with my limited understanding of grammar and with how little use it on a day-to-day basis.  I’ve used spell checkers and grammar checkers before, and they’ve always left me feeling like I didn’t get it all right even with the system saying that the document is good to go.  I guess more detailed feedback would make me feel more confident with a writing project once it is submitted.

            I really only have one goal for this class and that is to come out with a better understanding of grammar and how it applies to writing.  I plan to accomplish this by reading and applying the lessons learned to any future writings I may have to perform.  My personal goal is to learn how to get my point across without confusing the reader and taking this course will help to accomplish that.

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