Destiny Story: A Work in Progress Part 7

The two members of The Titans’ Hand had just closed the blinds and turned towards each other. “You don’t think he saw us do you?” The senior member, a female, said to her partner.

“I don’t think so.” The other, a male, said. “But who knows? With the amount of black ink on his file and the amount of information missing in the electronic database, it’s completely possible that he saw us.” The two senior members of the intelligence agency had moved from their location on the street and had taken up residence in the building across from the one that their “target” was in. They had both been assigned to watch this particular Hunter as he was an individual placed on The Titans’ Hand person of interest list and had been on it for some time. Usually he and his partner would only be in the City for a couple of days and would leave almost immediately. This time however, the time of departure from the City was listed as “Until further notice” and the decision had been made to assign a two-person team to maintain surveillance of his apartment.

Ver’verd’s apartment was thought to be secret, but The Titans’ Hand was an agency that had always been known to know everything that went on within the City. Every quarter of the City had at least two Titans’ Hand cells living within it to maintain a level of human intelligence that was used to corroborate the constant electronic intelligence that the City was subjected to. The majority of the populace was aware of the electronic surveillance and had become accustomed to it. Very few had realized that there was also a human quotient as well.

Most human intelligence team members were from the areas that they watched over, so the majority of those around them had known them for their entire lives. Unfortunately the Exo quarter is where this differs, because most who go into the quarter never return. There were a few humans, but the Exo rarely bothered, or noticed them. The members of a Titans’ Hand cell were limited to a number of six members. In total there were twelve members of The Titans’ Hand within their respective quarters at any given time. The numbers were kept even as well as the male/female ratio, so that they could maintain operational security and mobility. Often the members of the cells acted as a married couple.

To the Titans’ Hand, ones sexual preference didn’t matter, so it was entirely common to find a male/male pairing or even a female/female pairing. For the most part, two-person teams maintained a professional relationship. If any children were necessary, they were artificially created from the genes of the team pairing, then quickly grown and flash-educated to the desired age and knowledge level. After a mission was completed, the child would then be discarded as easily as it was produced. It took a certain kind of person to be a member of The Titans’ Hand, and most were specifically chosen for a certain variable that was noted during the basic selection test, and is known only to the unofficial member of the Titan Democratic Council who is in charge of the agency.

Most members were quite all right with the way things worked in The Titans’ Hand and performed their missions as they saw fit. The two members of The Titan’s hand who were now watching the apartment of their target were an exception and followed protocol to the letter. It was a surprise to both of them when they would be constantly paired together, and the time that they had spent together served to strengthen their bond. So strong was their bond that they had actually decided to officially wed and become partnered permanently.

Of course this meant that they were not a viable team in the eyes of their leadership, and were often placed on details that had a low priority to the agency. They even went so far as to produce a child naturally, which placed them even lower on the list of viable agents. Their daughter, Emily was with family members who had once been agents, so they knew that she was being well taken care of. The couple turned to the table in the center of the room and went back over the files they had at their disposal.

The files were limited so as to be easily disposable, and most of the information was on their PDA’s. On the table were photos of Ver’verd and his known associates. The only image that they had of his partner was an image of them in full armor; someone had taken great care in covering the actual existence of his real identity. There were no images of the interior to the apartment, save for a standard floor layout that was a part of the welcome packet for new tenants.

Years ago The Titans’ Hand had attempted to place surveillance devices inside the apartment, but both the TCSF and the Warlock Council of Elders had countermanded every attempt. On the one occasion that they were successful, the surveillance team that had installed them had disappeared and most of their data with them. This was a common enough thing to happen within The Titans’ Hand, so it was overlooked and standard surveillance resumed. The reason why this was overlooked is because that the teams and the cells are compartmentalized; so no one team knows what the other is doing, and the cells were primarily there for administrative purposes.

The two agents looked one more time at the photos and then reopened the blinds. They looked across the way at the target room, noticed that their target was sitting there, cleaning his armor and weapon, and didn’t appear to be doing anything else of note. They were about to close the blinds when the lights in the room went dark. The two agents looked at each other and un-holstered their weapons. The male member pointed in the direction of the door and moved to investigate. The female member heard a scream and a shot, and then felt wetness on her face as if she were splashed with something. She moved towards the last sound of her partner and husband.

The female agent stumbled over something and fell to the floor. Her shoulder hit something soft and then she heard a low hiss above her. The last thing she felt was a slight pain as her head was torn from its shoulders.

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