Destiny Story: A Work in Progress Part 8

Within the confines of the office of Sal-Drega, which was within the Warlock Order headquarters, two men watched as the scene played out. One was Sal-Drega himself and the other was his adjunct Mon-Krega. Mon-Krega winced as the scene unfolded and for an Exo, this was something that had bothered even him. Sal-Drega however, looked completely composed as the creature he had unleashed went about its task. The creature was outfitted with a camera and a helmet that controlled his movements and thought processes through a neural interface.

“Do we really have to watch this Master?” Mon-Krega asked as the scene continued to unfold before their eyes. “There won’t even be enough time to dispatch a recovery team for the two humans’ souls.”

Sal-Drega sniffed and then spoke into the control panel that also displayed the information as it was transmitted over a secure network to his office. He pushed away from the desk and stood. He then turned to his adjunct and placed a reassuring hand on the young Exo’s shoulder. “Do not worry young one, the Traveler will accept their souls instantly.” Sal-Drega then clasped his hands behind his back and stood in front of the window. “Do you know what all of his means Krega?”

Mon-Krega looked quizzically at his masters back. He thought for a moment and then spoke. “I don’t really know if I follow you Master. Could it be that we can control them?”

“Yes.” Sal-Drega spoke as he turned to his subordinate. “I believe that we can force these creatures into fighting against our enemies for us. They have a rudimentary nervous system and function more like a creature with a hive mind. If we can override their hive mind then we can control them.” Sal-Drega turned to head towards the door. “Come Krega, we have a dinner with Darmata and then we can get back down to the business of defeating our enemies and cementing ourselves as the next heads of the Council of Elders.” As Sal-Drega strode to the door Mon-Krega took one last look at the screen, shuddered and followed his master.

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