Destiny Story: A Work in Progress Part 10

Elsibeth tilted her head and sighed as she watched Ver’verd clean his weapon. She had traveled with him for years now, and it was only six short years ago when she realized that she had fallen in love with him. What had started out as a simple childhood crush had become idol worship and then blossomed into love. Elsibeth truly loved this man, and she would do anything to support him. When she had met Darmata and had seen the way that he acted around her, Elsibeth’s resolve didn’t falter. Her mind and heart had been set. Even if he never chose her, she was bound and determined to stay by his side.

It frustrated her to no end that when she had confessed to him, he had brushed it off as simple infatuation. He had said that he really didn’t see her that way. That she was too young for him, but he was honored. It didn’t stop her from loving him anyway. She did get to find out that he was extremely embarrassed around sexually assertive women. One day she had “mistakenly” forgotten to put on her robe as she exited the bathroom. Ver’verd saw her, his face turned beet red and he turned away from her quickly. Elsibeth just laughed and went back into the bathroom to change into a light tunic and medium weight cloth trousers.

It was then that she started messing with him. A seductive look here, a simple touch there. She never snuggled up to him in his sleep, that would be crossing a line, but she was tempted. She had made it painfully obvious that she was messing with him, but it was still fun to see his reaction. She watched him as he continued to disassemble and wipe down the individual pieces of his weapon. The attention to detail and care was not lost on her.

She smiled to herself; she knew that she had to do what must be done. She tossed her towel on her bed and climbed onto his. She knew that when Ver’verd was cleaning his weapon he was “in the zone” and could not be disturbed. She moved towards him and stood on her knees on the bed. She moved closer to him and wrapped her arms around him, her breasts pressing up against his back.

“You know I am twenty-six now.” Elsibeth said as she slid down his back, her knees around his waist. “And all woman.” She pressed against him harder as she slid up and down his well muscled and scarred back.

Ver’verd stopped, looked up and put down the piece of his weapon. He turned his head slightly to the left and peered at her over his shoulder. “Elsie stop that would you. Get your pajamas on, clean your armor and weapons. I’m almost done.”

Elsibeth sighed in frustration and released him. She moved to his side and turned around. Lying down on the bed so her head was off of the edge by Ver’verd’s knee. Her robe loosened further, the only thing holding it closed was the cotton strap. “You must really love that Darmata chick to deny a willing bonafide woman who practically throws herself at you.” When Ver’verd said nothing and picked up another piece of his weapon to clean she said. “You know I wouldn’t mind if you went the harem route and chose both of us.” Elsibeth rolled to her side and put her head in the palm of her hand, her robe opening up further.

Ver’verd placed the piece down and began reassembling his weapon. “Not going to happen kid.” Elsibeth placed her other hand on his thigh and squeezed. She gave him her best wanton look.

“Seriously, women like me don’t come around very often. Are you sure I can’t tempt you?” Ver’verd finished reassembling his weapon, did a quick functions check, and then placed the weapon on his other side. He looked down at Elsibeth, and his mouth opened slightly as he looked a little too far. Ver’verd’s mouth snapped closed as he regained his composure. He reached for his kukri blade and waved it at her.

“Seriously, stop.” He began to wipe down the blade and move it along a whetstone, sharpening it. “It’s late and I’m too tired right now.”

Elsibeth rolled her eyes. “Fine.” She said in a huff. “A girl won’t wait forever you know.” She rolled off of the bed, stood up, and retied her robe, which had come completely undone. “I’m going to go grab myself something to eat. I was serious about the harem route thing though.” She moved towards the stairs that led down to the kitchen and living area. She stopped just shy of the stairs and looked over her shoulder. “But maybe you’re right and I should stop. Hey, maybe that Sev-Dax guy would be interested?” She analyzed him for any sign of jealousy.

Ver’verd placed the kukri blade in its sheath and underneath his pillow. He stood up and looked out the window. “You’d want to kill yourself within the first five seconds of being alone with him.” He watched her through the reflection in the window as she turned her head in a huff and stomped down the stairs. When she was gone he sighed and slumped his shoulders. “Almost dodged the bullet with that one Ver’verd old boy.” He said to himself as he shook his head. He moved toward the foot of the bed and neatly stacked his armor on the low table there, his boots he placed underneath earlier. He picked up his bedclothes and moved towards the bathroom to take his own shower. Upon entering, he noticed that there were undergarments everywhere. He stepped out of the room. “What the hell is all of this?” He called down to Elsibeth.

“On that’s just some things I put up to dry the last time we were here. If you could just put them on my bed and I’ll put them away later.” Elsibeth called back. “Be careful with the black silk ones, they’re “special”.

Ver’verd began to take the undergarments from the bathroom and he paused when he found the ones that Elsibeth had called “special”. He held them up, sighed in frustration, and shook his head. “I’ve got to get that girl her own place.” He said as he took the pile of undergarments and dropped them unceremoniously on Elsibeths’ bed. Looking at the pile and the mess that was Elsibeth’s side of the room he shook his head again. “Or at the very least a place with her own room and bathroom.” Ver’verd turned and saw Elsibeth there, a spoon in her mouth and a small tub of iced cream in her hand.

She had a slightly blank expression on her face and then it turned into a toothy grin, her eyes shining mischievously. “You were looking weren’t you?” Elsibeth said, the spoon falling from her mouth and onto the floor with a small clink sound. She began to bounce on the balls of her feet and pointed at him. “You were looking. You were looking. Ver’verd is a per-rv. Ver’verd is a per-rv.”

Ver’verd said nothing and just gave her a blank expression. He then turned and went into the bathroom. He placed a towel on the sink and then started the shower. “Nope, definitely her own place.”

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