Destiny Story: A Work in Progress Part 12 (Final Release Before Rewrite)

When Ver’verd exited the bathroom, the room was dark, and dimly lit by the light from the room that he was just in. He shut off the light to the bathroom and the room was bathed in the dim light from the traveler. The light cast a slight glow near the window, and faded as it reached the stairs. Ver’verd was wearing his bedclothes, which were a light tunic and trousers. Usually he would sleep in his full armor on away trips, while Elsibeth would always stay in her bodysuit and boots, mostly to mess with him.

He looked over at her as she slept and just shook his head. She was always a mess when they came to the safe house. She never picked up after herself and was always walking around half dressed. She had said that it was because it was more comfortable that way, but he knew the real answer. He walked over to her bed and went to pull the beds covers over her and got a good look at her. She was still wearing the robe, with a pair of his underclothes on. She said that they were more comfortable than her PJ’s and Ver’verd said nothing as long as she put on a shirt.

She was lying on her back, with her robe untied, and open just enough to make him uncomfortable. Her mouth was wide open, and she was snoring softly. Her left arm was still holding the tub of iced cream, which had melted and leaked out over the bed. Her right arm was raised over her head, her fingers slightly curled. Her left leg was bent at a ninety-degree angle and her right was straight. She had not put her clothes away, as she had said that she would, but kind of pushed them off haphazardly and slept on top of what remained.

Ver’verd looked over to the edge of the bed and picked up and item. He looked at the item, a small, stuffed sheep and gave it a slight squeeze. The sheep squeaked slightly and he put it next to her. Ver’verd was surprised that she still had the thing. It was something that she thought was cute and just had to have it when she saw it. The small stuffed animal was the first thing he had bought her when they stopped at the first colony after leaving Earth.

With a slight moan, Elsibeth rolled onto her side and the tub of melted iced cream began to leak out onto her stomach. She grabbed the stuffed toy and cuddled with it. Ver’verd was reminded that even though she was twenty-six, she was still very much the little girl that wouldn’t let go of his hand when they got off of the transport after leaving Earth. He bent down and was about to give her a gentle kiss on the cheek when she moaned seductively.

“Ver’verd st-ah-p.” She moaned; her mouth curled up into a smile. “That tickles.” Elsibeth giggled and then let out a gasp. “Mmmmm, that feels good.” Elsibeth moaned as she began to wiggle her hips forward and back. Disgusted, Ver’verd sighed and dropped the covers. He then went over to his bed and sat on it, looking out the window. Running his fingers through his hair, he shook his head and looked over his shoulder at Elsibeth. She had rolled back onto her back and was snoring again, this time loudly.

Ver’verd almost threw a pillow at her but then thought better of it. In her current state the last thing he wanted was for her to wake up and bother him. He looked out of the window to where he saw the lights on earlier; he assumed that the two agents who were watching him had bedded down for the night due to the darkness of the room. Ver’verd then lay down on his bed and reached under the pillow. He grasped the handle of the kukri blade, closed his eyes and slept.


Deep in the bowels of the Warlock Conclave, below the hall that the Council of Elders met in, was a brightly lit room with several computer banks and various types of lab equipment. In the center of the room stood a tank filled with a liquid that could suspend a figure within. There was a figure in this tank now…


This is all I have for now. I realized after playing both the Alpha and Beta, that this story needed a major rewrite and I will be working on that after I finish the narrative to the game so that I can tie it all in together. Thank you for reading, and I hope that you can leave me some comments so I can know how this is being received.

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